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SAFEGUARDS RECORDS MANAGEMENT SDN BHD has been established since 1998. Besides from expanding footprint and rapidly expanded a range of services to cater for our clients’ needs, now we have more than 1500 accounts which sectors include :
  • Banks, insurance and financial institutions
  • Government
  • Hospitals, pharmaceuticals and healthcare centres
  • Oil and gas
  • Engineering and construction firms
  • Manufacturing and trading.

Tailored to meet your specific needs with key emphasis on reducing costs and risks while enhancing tracking, access, security and protection of your vital business records.

You can now opt to outsource your records as we do provide storage solutions

Our Branches

  • Head Office, Petaling Jaya
  • Semenyih, Selangor
  • Jalan Kerayong, Kuala Lumpur
  • Bukit Mertajam, Penang
  • Johor Bahru, Johor
  • Kuching, Sarawak
  • Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

  • Physical storage and management of inactive hardcopies information;
  • Efficient retrieval for fast access to information;
  • Traceability of records and its historical movements.

  • File Management
    • Bar coding active files for comprehensive inventory;
    • Efficient tracking and accurate retrieval of individual file;
    • Effective control and secure.

    Most suitable for loan files, credit card application forms, personnel files, insurance policies, legal case files, medical records, etc.
  • Physical storage and management of electronic information for a sound business continuity plan (contingency plan) in a controlled environment;
  • Daily rotation of backed-up media;
  • Monitoring destroy dates so records are not kept longer than necessary;
  • Secure records disposal under your authorised personnel’s supervision.
Other services:
  • Security documents - managing vital records in a high secure environment;
  • Information conversion - imaging and computer output to laser disc (COLD);
  • Escrow - a third party agent to manage proprietary software deposit;
  • Secure vaulting - rental of high secure strongroom.
Advantages of Safeguards Record management services:
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Controlled storage and retrieval costs
  • Secured and authorized access to records
  • Online access for account details and various reports
  • Multi storage centres for strategic records keeping and rapid access
  • Reduced capital requirement
  • Improved staff's productivity and competency
  • Improved customer services - both internally and externally
  • Focused resources and management on core activity
  • Participation in the development of information management
  • Improved security and business continuity plan
  • Bar-code technology for data integrity and full audit and traceability
  • Cost centre based invoicing, tailored reports, and etx
  • Safeguards' ongoing commitment to invest in people, system and technology
  • Appraisal and sentencing of records for the retention period;
  • Indexing and cataloguing of records;
  • Managing records retention and destruction dates.

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Lot 6, Jalan 225,
Section 51A,
46100 Petaling Jaya,
Selangor darul Ehsan

Tel: (603)-7960 0848
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