The services offered are:

  1. General Archive

    • Physical storage and management of inactive hardcopies information;
    • Efficient retrieval for fast access to information;
    • Traceability of records and its historical movements.

    • File Management
      • Bar coding active files for comprehensive inventory;
      • Efficient tracking and accurate retrieval of individual file;
      • Effective control and secure.

      Most suitable for loan files, credit card application forms, personnel files, insurance policies, legal case files, medical records, etc.

  2. Computer Media Management

    • Physical storage and management of electronic information for a sound business continuity plan (contingency plan) in a controlled environment;
    • Daily rotation of backed-up media;

    • Consulting
      • Appraisal and sentencing of records for the retention period;
      • Indexing and cataloguing of records;
      • Managing records retention and destruction dates.

  3. Destruction service

    • Monitoring destroy dates so records are not kept longer than necessary;
    • Secure records disposal under your authorised personnel’s supervision.
Other services:
  • Security documents - managing vital records in a high secure environment;
  • Information conversion - imaging and computer output to laser disc (COLD);
  • Escrow - a third party agent to manage proprietary software deposit;
  • Secure vaulting - rental of high secure strongroom.
Advantages of Safeguards Record management services:
  • Improved efficiency and accuracy
  • Controlled storage and retrieval costs
  • Secured and authorized access to records
  • Online access for account details and various reports
  • Multi storage centres for strategic records keeping and rapid access
  • Reduced capital requirement
  • Improved staff's productivity and competency
  • Improved customer services - both internally and externally
  • Focused resources and management on core activity
  • Participation in the development of information management
  • Improved security and business continuity plan
  • Bar-code technology for data integrity and full audit and traceability
  • Cost centre based invoicing, tailored reports, and etx
  • Safeguards' ongoing commitment to invest in people, system and technology

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